Issue 2 Editorial

It was probably less than an hour into the launch party for Issue 1 that I knew for sure I’d be doing an Issue 2.

Despite my single-minded ‘just-do-this-one-at-least’ approach to the inaugural issue of Phox Pop magazine, pretty much as soon as I had officially released it into the world, and my friends and peers were buying copies, flicking through them, and reacting really positively at that party, I had decided that this second instalment was inevitable.

Of course, what’s also inevitable, is the massive amount I’ve learned between the figure-it-out-as-I-go-along approach of number one, to the point at which I’m writing this editorial for number two. Stuff like taking on board the invaluable advice and constructive feedback received from industry professionals, enlisting a distributor, and partnering with a supportive new printer. I’m sure you can already feel some of the progress made in the improved quality of this lovely uncoated paper stock alone.

For Issue 2, I’ve also scouted further and wider to bring you some great contributions ā€” narrative and visual ā€” from a brilliant bunch of thinkers, seekers, makers, and doers from all over the world.

Iā€™m so excited for you to check it out, so without further ado, let my mag-making partner, Somari, and me, take you on a 96-page journey through space and time, music and wine, and the beauty and intrigue of the natural world.

We hope you’ll enjoy the looking and the reading as much as we’ve enjoyed the making.

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