Want to contribute to Phox Pop magazine?

Our strapline is: thinkers, seekers, makers, doers – which means we publish work that tells stories of ambitious and inspiring people, and their creative and curious pursuits.

We don’t generally have a specific theme for each issue, but some over-arching topics we tend to cover include art, science, history, exploration, and experimentation. We like to think of ourselves as a cabinet of curiosity in paper and ink form.

We’re open to all sorts of submissions – written features, interviews or other articles; photography, illustration or other visual arts; poetry; short stories; surprise us! Just please note that a person/people should be at the heart of your pitch.

If you want to get a feel for the style and tone of articles we’re after, we recommend you buy a copy of one of our previous issues, and/or read some of the stories we’ve published on the website.

You can pitch us either a) something you want to write about/create for us, or b) something you have done or created which you want us to interview you about.

Next steps

What: If you’ve got an idea, please email us a few sentences about it using the below form, and include a link to examples of your work.

When: We’re not actively seeking pitches for a particular issue right now, but feel free to email us anyway, and if we like your idea, we’ll let you know when we’ll be in a position to publish it.

How much: As a self-funded, independent magazine, money is pretty tight. However, we do have a small budget to pay contributors who we commission to produce something for us (we’re not talking ‘cover your rent for a month’, more ‘buy yourself a takeaway and a nice bottle of wine’).

We look forward to hearing from you!

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