Issue 5 – Out Now!


Ninety-six (advertising-free) pages of stories about thinkers, seekers, makers and doers.

Inside, you will discover: a scientist who applied her experience with animals to plants, an ex-officer investigating literature and language, and the gender stereotype-redefining research about cultural exchange in ancient history…


Latest stories

Who Do You Think You Are?

Australia has an unpleasant history when it comes to national identity, and trying to impose one. A white one. Like in 1901, when descendants of the 'founders' who claimed Australia as their own — despite it already being inhabited by Aboriginal and Torres...

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Urban Geodes

It’s street art, but not as you know it. It’s not painting or pasting onto walls, it’s filling gaps and ensconcing nature-like shapes in metropolitan cavities.It’s called ‘Urban Geode’ and it’s an on-going project by Los Angeles-based artist Paige Smith,...

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An Ending; Many More Beginnings

In the Macaulay Library at America’s Cornell University Lab of Ornithology is a recording of the Hawaiian Kauaʻi ʻOʻo bird. The audio was captured just a handful of years before the species, Moho braccatus, went extinct….

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Phox Pop (foks pop)

Vox populi is a Latin phrase that literally means ‘voice of the people’; shortened to vox pop, in media it is an interview with members of the public, the ‘word on the street’. Replacing the ‘v’ with the ‘ph’ from photography – based on the Greek phos/light and graphê/drawing or writing – we create phox pop.

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