Issue 3

Phox Pop magazine Issue 3 is 96 (advertising-free) pages of stories about thinkers, seekers, makers and doers.

Inside, readers will:


  • Meet an amateur collector who inspired a state-of-the-art museum, and a man on a mission to right a single grammatical wrong.
  • Learn about leading women behind the lens through history, and a banned spirit brought back to life and legality.
  • Find out how to create a cybernetic rock star from skin cells, and what it takes to build a new nation from a terra nullius.
  • Discover plastic pollution repurposed in the name of art and the environment, and nature reimagined from redacted historical texts.
  • Plus, take a lesson in body positivity.

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Lasting Impressions

Thomas Edison was a prolific inventor. At the time of his death in 1931, he had more than 1,000 US patents to his name; 2,000+ if you count those he held around the entire world. He was responsible for some of the most ground-breaking and influential...

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A Growing Galaxy

In the summer of 2016, the Milky Way doubled in size. By which we mean, the number of stars it was previously believed to contain was found to be only about half what it actually contains. It was around that time when the first batch of data from Gaia — a...

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Dedication + Perseverance = Success

Michael Faraday is proof positive that dedication and perseverance pay off. Faraday — physicist, chemist, and founder of the UK Royal Institution's famous Christmas science lectures — was only educated until the age of 13. He left school to help support...

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Score 1: Women

‘He managed to become a CEO without sacrificing his masculinity.’ That’s not a sentence anyone is likely to come across in their daily readings. But the same is not true when considering the opposite sex. Up until very recently, the Merriam-Webster...

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Issue 3 Editorial

I spent my teens and early 20s living by the ocean. I couldn't begin to count all the shells and pebbles and other stuff I picked up on beach walks during those years. So when I came across the story of Steve Etches, whose lifetime of beachcombing for...

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