Issue 2

Phox Pop magazine Issue 2 is 96 (advertising-free) pages of stories about thinkers, seekers, makers and doers.

Inside we examine:

  • The history of made-up musical instruments, and personifications of nature in Nordic folktales.
  • The on-again, off-again relationship between Britain’s first astronaut and her interstellar attire, and the scientist who’s spent 50 years studying “the most remarkable biological phenomena in the world”.
  • Plus, discover a cabinet-maker in a hospital garden, crystal formations in urban places, and find out what links pasta and hipsters.



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How A Taste For Pasta Begat Dudes (≈ Hipsters)

The mid-18th Century was what you might call 'peak Grand Tour', when the trend for young British men visiting the continent's most cosmopolitan cities and famous sites was at its height. These men returned home affected by the experience. Their style,...

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Can’t Touch This

In the editorial we made mention of the lovely Edixion Offset 110gsm uncoated paper Issue 2 of the magazine is printed on. If you take a moment to move your finger back and forth a little, you'll feel the tangible texture of it. Except, actually, you won't. Because...

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Kepler’s Cosmic Cup

There was a time when astrology and astronomy were not so scientifically, diametrically opposed. A time when Johannes Kepler wrote horoscopes for the royal court while also writing requests to the Duke for money to build a pioneering new model of the solar system....

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Issue 2 Editorial

It was probably less than an hour into the launch party for Issue 1 that I knew for sure I'd be doing an Issue 2. Despite my single-minded 'just-do-this-one-at-least' approach to the inaugural issue of Phox Pop magazine, pretty much as soon as I had...

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